Automate your inspection process with Varro's Inspections Module.


Real-time disaster monitoring of your real estate assets.


Initiate, track, and manage your financial documents securely.


A certified network of real estate professionals for inspection needs.

What We Do 

Varro supports clients in need of a property technology solution that offers an end to end portfolio and asset management experience. Varro's suite of products and services provides automated and transparent management designed to mitigate risk and enhance operational efficiency.

Inspection Technology

The Varro inspection management technology provides immense value to lenders, loan servicers, owners, and inspection vendors by automating the property inspection process and delivering the most accurate and reliable property condition data/reports available. 

By leveraging our advanced technology, clients can significantly reduce their operating costs and streamline their risk mitigation efforts, helping them to make more informed decisions with greater speed and efficiency. With our innovative platform, clients can achieve a higher level of accuracy and completeness in their property inspections, while also minimizing the risk of errors and omissions. 

Overall, our technology delivers unmatched value to anyone seeking to optimize and consolidate their commercial real estate origination or servicing operations.

Disaster Monitoring

Our commercial real estate disaster monitoring technology is another powerful solution that delivers significant value to owners and managers of real estate assets. With our platform, clients can upload their assets and receive alerts in real-time when a property falls within a disaster area, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to mitigate risk and minimize damage. By leveraging our advanced technology and extensive data sources, including FEMA data, clients can be confident that they will receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available. With our platform, clients can take proactive steps to protect their assets and minimize the impact of natural disasters, helping them to optimize their risk management strategies and maximize their overall returns. Our disaster monitoring technology is an essential tool for anyone seeking to operate safely in today's unpredictable world. 

Financial Reporting

Our commercial real estate workflow management technology provides yet another crucial solution for lenders, loan servicers, or vendors seeking to optimize their operations. With our platform, clients can streamline their financial reporting process and gain full transparency with their origination/servicing network and direct borrowers. 

Our innovative tool allows for automated quality assurance, state-of-the-art data mapping, and advanced AI and ML algorithms to provide clean and consistent reporting, regardless of the requirements. With all CREF requirements built in, lenders can be confident that they will receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available. 

By leveraging our advanced technology, clients can significantly reduce the time and resources required to standardize their financial data, enabling them to focus on higher-value tasks and drive greater returns. Our workflow management technology is an essential tool for anyone seeking to improve their efficiency, increase their transparency, and maximize their financial performance in today's dynamic commercial real estate market.

Inspection Services

At Varro, we understand the challenges that lenders, servicers, property owners, asset managers, and vendors face when it comes to staffing their own inspection teams. 

That's why we offer a nationwide network of certified commercial real estate inspectors who can provide the highest quality inspections at a reasonable price. When you utilize our inspection services, you'll not only get access to our expert inspectors, but also to our cutting-edge inspection management technology. This powerful combination of service and technology allows us to deliver exceptional value to our clients, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and risk management. 

Our inspection services cover a wide range of needs, including overall property condition assessments, MBA/CMBS inspections, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac annual inspections, insurance loss inspections, capital improvement verifications, exterior "drive by" inspections and site photos, repair verifications, and much more. With our comprehensive range of inspection services and state-of-the-art technology, we're here to help you meet all of your inspection needs, no matter how complex or challenging.